Boundaries of Seat 4 Voting Area

The boundaries of the Seat 4 voting area were changed after the 2010 population census to reflect changing population patterns. Below is a map of the boundaries of the current Seat 4 voting district (outlined in orange with two big orange 4s in it).


Seat 4 boundaries by streets

  • On the south: Cedar Street and Church Street from Oakland Ave. on the west to N. Anderson Road on the east — basically all houses north of the raised railroad track.
  • On the east: N. Anderson Road to N. Cherry. West on No. Cherry to two blocks east of Mt. Gallant Road. Mt. Gallant becomes the western border after Marett Blvd, basically up to where Mt. Gallant crosses Twin Lakes Road.
  • On the west: Twin Lakes Road becomes the western boundary down to Homestead Dr. The border turns west to Bryant Blvd., then south to Celanese road and west to Ebenezer Rd., which becomes the western boundary until Oakland Ave., which then drops south to the southern boundary at  Cedar Street and Church Street and the railroad tracks.

By Voting Precinct

The new Seat 4 district contains more complete Voting District Precincts than the earlier mapping. See a copy of the precincts map below. From the south:

  • Rock Hill No. 5: All of precinct east of Oakland Blvd. Vote at Grace Lutheran Church.
  • Northside: Only the portion north of the railroad track. Vote at the Northside Center.
  • University: All the precinct. Vote at Sullivan Middle School.
  • Fewell Park: All the precinct.  Vote at Fewell Park Center.
  • Rock Hill No. 7: All the precinct.  Vote at Richmond Drive Elementary School.
  • Ebinport: All the precinct. Vote at Ebinport Elementary School.
  • Oakwood: All the precinct. Vote at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.
  • Airport: The portion bound by Celanese Road, Bryant Blvd., Homestead Road and Twin Lakes Road. Vote at the SC National Guard Armory.
  • Laurel Creek: All the precinct. Vote at the Laurel Creek Clubhouse.
  • Rosewood: The portion west of Mt. Gallant Rd. Vote at the Covenant Presbyterian Church.
  • India Hook: All the precinct. Vote at the Westminster Catawba Christian School.

Map of the Rock Hill Precincts



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