2014 Election

Re-Elect Jane Sharp
Rock Hill School Board 
 Seat 4
Vote November 4, 2014


Jane Sharp Stump Speech

Part of the reason I ran for the Board in 2010 was the success the teachers and I had at my last school in improving the performance of our students.  We did it by paying closer attention to data and empowering teachers to work together.  The school began to be recognized by the State for its progress and continues even now to be high performing.

When I was first approached about running for the School Board the first thing I did was to look at the Policy Manual to see what it said about School Boards and responsibility for school outcomes.   I learned that Accountability is one of the four major roles or the School Board.   The others are vision, advocacy,  and structure.

Once on the Board I soon found that others agreed with the importance of sharper focus on student progress.  This past year in particular the Board began to ask for information concerning the performance of our students on various measures such as high school graduation rates over several years, MAP data (intermediate prescriptive tests given during the year) on elementary and middle students, the percentage of first graders making adequate progress in reading to be ready for second grade.  During this past year we were also evaluated for accreditation and told to increase our attention to data and teacher cooperation.

Also, we heard that our Board was criticized for overstepping our roles. As a result we are reviewing our policy manual.  Yes, our policy directive still says it is the Board’s responsibility to monitor the progress of our students.  That is exactly what we have been doing for the past year.  Perhaps that some have been made uncomfortable is a measure of improvement needed.

Our current Board has set a strong vision for our district.  We are even stronger advocates for children than ever.  Our current Board is determined to accelerate the pace of achievement for our students in Rock Hill.  We showed this determination when we began to request data concerning district progress.  We showed this determination when we sought and hired a superintendent who had demonstrated success in increasing learning in her previous district.  We are poised for significant progress in Rock Hill Schools.

We don’t need conservative schools.  We don’t need liberal schools.  We need excellent schools.  We don’t need schools that need to be marketed.  We need successful schools where students and communities thrive.

If you want our district to improve students’ achievement so that young families will choose to buy homes and raise their children here, you will vote for me.  If you want our school district to improve the quality of our performance so that businesses large and small will seek to establish themselves here, then vote for me.  It you want an active Board member who respects and supports our teachers and administrators but also holds all of us accountable for increasing our district’s performance then you will vote for me.

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