My Beliefs

I believe….

  • Public schools are one of our most important institutions.  They are entrusted with the task of educating our next generation of citizens.
  • Pubic education is nonpartisan.  Whether one has children currently in school or not, we all have a stake in the quality of public education.  We all need at some time doctors, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers, EMT services, firemen, policemen, etc.  We all hope that they will be knowledgeable and skilled in their jobs and that they will be there when we need them.  They won’t be available unless we maintain good schools.
  • Learning to read is the first goal of a child’s school career.  Research shows that strong emphasis on reading instruction in early grades yields significant returns.  See for example the summary of research by Wasic and Slavin on Preventing Early Reading Failure.  Providing lower elementary grade children support and quick persistent remediation helps to reduce the expensive and extremely difficult task of overcoming learning difficulties in upper grades. 
  • All parents want their children to be successful.  Schools have the obligation to help parents be informed and supported in fostering their children’s success.  Public schools have the responsibility to ensure that ALL of its children have the opportunity to succeed whether the parents of our children are unemployed, working two jobs at minimum wage, struggling to make ends meet, in comfortable circumstances, or living in wealth.  This responsibility may require reaching out again and again.
  • The future of our society depends on the education of its citizens.   Our best weapon against poverty and crime lies in giving all children the skills to make their own successful lives.

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