Stop Proviso 1.68

Today I received the following message from the School Board Association. These bills keep coming back in spite of evidence that vouchers are successful only in decreasing funds for public schools and not in increasing opportunities for our students greatly needing stronger support. Please help us remind our legislators that these monies too often go to middle class parents who already have their students enrolled in non-public schools. We have too great a job to do in trying to educate all of our SC children to give up scarce funds to those who don’t actually need them.

Contact your House representative (see contact info below) today and strongly urge him/her to vote against Budget Proviso 1.68 that would expand the students eligible to participate in the tuition tax credit program. Tell him/her to leave the program as it exists now for special needs students.

Suggested Message:
I strongly urge you to vote against Proviso 1.68 or any amendment that would expand the eligibility of students participating in the private school and homeschool tuition tax credit/voucher program. There has been no evidence to confirm the program is currently working for special needs students. We should not spend taxpayer dollars to expand a program that is not accountable for those dollars.

J. Gary (Gary) Simrill
803 734 3040

Tommy Pope
803 212 6895

Ralph Norman
803 212 6888

John King
803 212 6873

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