I Will Seek Re-Election

When I first ran for the Rock Hill Three Board of Trustees in 2010 I promised to be “a strong voice for children”.  The impact of our Board actions on students and their learning has been my guide for decisions throughout these four years.  I am pleased that the Rock Hill Board’s number one goal is the academic progress of children.  We now routinely ask in our discussions, “How will this affect children’s progress?”  We now receive regular reports on student progress to answer this question.

However, we are still a work in progress; as of course, we will always be. We have a wonderful community with parents who want to be involved in their student’s schools.   We have a city government who has demonstrated its willingness to support and work with us.  We have skilled teaching staffs.  Every time I visit our schools (which I love to do) I get chills watching the quality of instruction I see taking place in many classes.

We must work to expand our use of technology in ways that are effective and fiscally sound.  We must support our teachers in the collaboration and planning to bring about this success.  We have work to do in supporting our district in providing academically rigorous education and training for a multitude of occupations.

I believe we have in our new superintendent the person who can lead us to achieve these goals.  Dr. Pew has already begun the actions necessary to move us toward success.  I feel that we are on the brink of greater achievement.  To support and be a part of this, I have decided to seek re-election for Seat 4 on the Rock Hill School Board.

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