Academic Improvement Committee Established

At the August 12 Rock Hill School Board work session Chairman Jim Vining announced the establishment of a Board Academic Improvement Committee.   I am very pleased to be chair with Ann Reid and Terrance Hutchinson also serving.  Our group’s purpose is to secure and share with the Board regularly information regarding our District’s progress during this year in improving and accelerating our students’ academic achievement.

We have been discussing for my three years on the Board the importance of the Board’s role in supporting and sustaining our focus on the progress of our students.  We have at last made it our primary goal.  This means discussion of motions before the Board this year will include our question, “How will this improve student achievement?”  Thus, it was asked at last night’s discussion of the possible relocation of District Office.

The Academic Improvement Committee is currently meeting together and with the Administration to establish formative assessments for which we will obtain results during school year 2013-2014. (“Formative assessment” is education jargon for tests along the way to see how well kids have learned whatever you’ve taught in that topic up to that point.)  The Academic Improvement Committee (AIC) have suggested some tests we will monitor but would be glad to hear suggestions or questions from any parents and community members who would like to weigh in.  At the September Business meeting the Board will vote on the goals and measures proposed by the Academic Improvement Committee.

It is the School Board’s job to look at how Rock Hill 3 schools are doing.  It is not our responsibility to monitor any one school.  That is the job of the Superintendent.  The Board’s task is to use academic data from the District level to evaluate the progress of our District.  We will then use this information when we examine our school year in late July 2014.

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